HASL Products for SGI

eduSoft, LC and Hypothesis Software are jointly producing SGI versions of release (4.0) of Arthur Doweyko's HASL program.

Our goal is to make HASL available as a tool for serious molecular modeling within commercial modeling suites such as Sybyl, insightII, Chem-X or Cerius-2. The experience eduSoft, LC has gained in integrating HINT and Molconn-Z will facilitate this port.

HASL Interfaces/Platforms Currently Available

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    For further information contact:

    North America and Europe
    Dr. David N. Haney
    5455 Westknoll Drive
    La Jolla, CA 92037

    InsightII, Cerius2, Open Interface, C2.SDK are products of Molecular Simulations, Inc., San Diego, CA; SYBYL, Molecular Spreadsheet and CoMFA are products of Tripos, Inc., St. Louis, MO; Chem-X is a product of Chemical Design, Ltd., Oxon, UK